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How to Get Started
Evaluating Your Own Glass Door
In Preparation for Installation

Preventing Drag Pressure
(sliding friction)

Normally, the Auto-Door system will easily open and close a door to as much as 35", or only 10 inches for your pets. However, if the drag pressure (sliding friction), is more than 12 lbs, the door Door System may not work properly.

This problem can be avoided by first making sure there is no debris in the bottom track and it's roller system. You also may want to apply a certain amount of lubrication and/or adjust the height of the roller door before installing the system.

Sliding Glass Door "Friction" Test

Before installing the unit you might want to run a test which will assure that the Motor in the Auto-Drive unit, which opens and closes the door, is able to withstand 9 lbs to 12 lbs of drag.

Go to your hardware or sporting goods store and purchase a low cost, Fish Weighing Scale, which would weigh up to 20 lbs. With the door closed, but not locked, hook the scale onto the door handle and gently pull the door to your left or right at the speed you would normally open the door.

Pull the door back to the closed position and again test 2 or 3 times to determine that it requires no more than 9 lbs to 12 lbs of pressure to open the door.

If the drag pressure (sliding friction), is more than 12 lbs, follow the directions given above for cleaning the track, the roller, applying lubricant and if needed, adjusting the height of the door. Then run the test again to make sure you have no more than 12 lbs of pressure to open and close the door.

The door friction must be reduced to less than 12 lbs. of drag in order for the Auto-Door Kit to be installed and working satisfactorily.

Adapting Autoslide System to your Sliding Glass Door

In order to decide as to how the AutoSlide System will adapt to your existing Sliding Glass Door, answer a few questions.

Step 1: Standing inside the room, looking out, open the Sliding Glass Panel of the Door. Question: Must you move the door from your Right Hand to your Left, or from your Left Hand to your Right?

NOTE: At the top most portion of the Sliding Glass Door Panel there exists a wood or a nylon frame. The glass pane is imbedded on both sides, and at the top.

Step 2: Measure the Sliding Glass Door Panel with the door closed. Also, measure the actual glass pane.

Example: Total Width of the door, edge to edge: 35 inches
  Width of Glass Pane only: 30 inches
  Frame is therefore 2 1/2 inches on each side  

Step 3: Measure the top edge of the Sliding Glass Door Panel from the Top edge to the Glass Pane and record. Probably the same at 2 1/2 inches.

Step 4. What is the distance from the nearest Electrical Wall Outlet to the edge of the Door? Is it to the Left or to the Right of the Sliding Glass Door Panel? Or the Fixed Section of the Glass Panel?

Step 5: With this information recorded, please E-mail, or send by regular Mail the measurements and answers to your above questions. See contact info. below.

We will e-mail or US Mail a price Quote of material, plus freight cost of the AutoSlide System as applicable to your particular existing Sliding Glass Door.
Should any questions arise please call us at the US Field Office: 1 (928) 517-1402

Prior to placing an order please consider the following:

What is the color of your Sliding Glass Door Frame. Black or White?
Is your existing sliding glass door section Right Handed or Left Handed?
With the door in the fully open position, what is the doorway width?
Will your sliding glass door be used primarily for People, Pets or Both?
Is the System to be used by Elderly or Handicapped Persons?
Do you have Large, Medium, or Small dogs? and how many?

Note: Autoslide Kits are made up one of these Key Mechanical and Electronic Mechanisms:

AS-01 /BC Starter Kit (black) or
AS-02 / WC Starter Kit (white)

Points to Consider:

Kits to be used for Pets, People or Both, are made-up of the different type, or types of accessories, which are electronically controlled by the Autoslide, Master Control Mechanism.


Handicaped or Elderly persons will need the Remote Control Units, and possibly the Wireless Pet Mats, or Pet Sensor Kit.

Everyday, working people may only need the Wireless Pet Sensor Kit, With Dog Collar, ID Tags.


To find the applicable Part numbers, Cost and Component descriptions, click on the (Australia Factory) button at the left.

Decide what Accessories are needed: Click on the "Accessories."

Order direct from the US Field Office.
Credit or Debit Card payment is available.

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Should any questions arise please call us: 1 (928) 517-1402

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