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AutoSlide is an Automatic Sliding Glass Door System which attaches to your existing sliding glass door. This enables the door to be Opened and Closed Automatically while approaching the door or from a remote location.

This compact Do-It-Yourself easy to install system is designed to automatically open and close your patio sliding doors, window, pet or pocket door by Remote Control, similar to remotely operating a garage door.

Retrofit your Existing Sliding Glass Door with an "Automatic" Sliding Glass Door System.

Convenience to Some...
Necessity to Others!

For the Disabled

The AutoSlide door system greatly improves access for most disabled persons.

Great for homes
Assisted living quarters
Senior Centers

Features & Benefits:
Easy installation
Suits left and right opening sliding doors
Saves on air conditioning costs
Eliminates the need for a designated pet door
Improves access for the disabled or the elderly
Improves access for anyone carrying an armful of goods or entertainment supplies in and out of the home
Keeps flies & bugs out
Quiet operation

A Great Convenience for Pet Owners

Your pets can exit and re-enter without human assistance, plus, no need for any special pet door installation cost. You can program AutoSlide to open just enough to suit your pet size.

The AutoSlide is factory fitted with safety reverse, which means that once you have activated by the push button, the door will automatically slide open and closed after a time delay. The time delay can be pre-programmed by the user. A door fitted with an AutoSlide can be easily reverted to manual door mode at any time.

We can now Rebuild Older Model AutoSlide Drive Systems

We now have New and Up-dated Circuit Boards, 24 Volt DC Motors and Power Packs available for rebuilding older models.

This Includes AS-01/BC and AS-02/WC Models operating on + 15 or + 19 Volt, DC Power Packs.

Available in either black or white.

Time required: 6 hours, plus 3 day US Priority Mail

Factory Warrantee Extended to 2 years.

Nominal Cost: $ 200.00, plus return postage.

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