Easy Living Solutions utomatic Swing Door Operator Kit

Easy Living
Automatic Swing Door Operator DIY Kit
Automate the Interior Swinging Doors of Your Home
A Convenience to Some ~ A Necessity for Others

Open or Close Any Swing Door Automatically,
with a Push of a Button.

Excellent Assistant for Seniors, those with Disabilities or the Handicapped

Our Smart Home Automatic Swing Door Operator can be installed on about any Interior Swinging Door, providing Automatic Opening and Closing for Handicapped Persons or for everyday activities.

In addition to your home, this Automatic Swing Door Opener is ideal for Senior Homes and Health Care Centers as well as Public Restaurant or Office Restrooms, etc.

Make your
life easier!

Physically Impaired
Restricted Mobility
Ideal for those in wheelchairs- just press the button on the remote control to open the door. Enables you to easily travel through doors at home or at the workplace without having to turn the door knob.
Convenience at Home
Great for the Office

Swing Door Kit: $391.00 (plus shipping)
Remotes: $28.00 (plus shipping)

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