Mobility Trailer Towing Accessories
For Tag-Along Trailers
The average Mobility Scooter needs to have a hitch installed for pulling the trailer. There are two types of hitches for Mobility Scooters. The Draw Bar hooks under the back of the seat, whereas the Tow Bar hooks to the bottom of the scooter.
Model DB-5 Draw Bar
The Draw Bar, which is a farmer's term, is also called a "Towing Bar" or a "Tag Along." This piece attaches to your Receiver, located on your Mobility Scooter beneath, and at the rear of the drivers' seat. It is attached with a bolt (Clevis Pin) which is supplied with the Draw Bar.
Draw Bar for attaching Trailer to Mobility Scooter
Draw Bar: The connection piece between
the Mobility Scooter and the Trailer.
In order for the Draw Bar to fit most Mobility Scooters it has been designed and built to be adjustable, in both height above ground, of approximately 8 inches, and in Distance behind the Scooters Base; Nominally 10 to 12 inches.
Trailer attached to Mobility Scooter
Draw bar attachment between mobility scooter and trailer
Sold Separately
May be shipped by UPS. Weight and Distance from Arizona to your home governs the shipping cost. The Draw Bar requires a minimum amount of assembly, with a Cross Point # 6 Screwdriver and a pair of ordinary Pliers.

Model DB-4 Draw Bar
for Mobility Scooters

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Draw Bar 4 for attaching trailer to mobility scooter

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